The Networking School 360: An online engineering school

Guy Bisuku

Guy Bisuku

IT: Information Technology is redefining the global economy, if not: has already defined. According to several studies and publications, computer science has become one of the most successful industries and the trend is not ready to stop.

As has been the oil industry since the early 19th century, IT became the most prosperous industry at the beginning of the 20th century, as this image shows:

Large companies by market
The first 5 public companies. You will find that in 2016, all 5 are in IT.

Since the dot-com bubble, which is the period between 1995 and 2000 during which the internet has taken a meteoric rise, the disproportionate growth of the IT sector requires a lot in terms of manpower and skills. This is how computer science offers a very high probability of employment in any market and the best thing to do for anyone who is warned, is to embark on learning now and be on the side of those who are not threatened by the advent automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, etc.

Although I learned a lot in the Faculty of Science, the truth is that it is not only the faculty of science that has made me the computer network engineer That I am today. I learned almost everything, and learned better from myself, online…

I will talk in one of my next articles about the shortcomings of traditional teaching in certain areas and the impact it has on graduates, who are not often ready to face the professional world as soon as they leave.

Based on my own story and my own experience, and the concern to share my knowledge and information that I own and help a lot to start or boost their careers in IT, as I did, I decided to create an online school called The Networking School 360, which is a platform on which I will offer courses in videos.


The Networking School 360 is for:

  • Anyone looking for a good, well-paid career with or without a university degree
  • All IT enthusiasts looking for a way to turn their passion into income by creating a good career
  • All IT professionals who want to add to their experience and career by acquiring new knowledge and being certified. Or any professional exploring the possibility of changing career stakes by working in ICT
  • Anyone interested in learning a new computer skills, desktop software or any trick to increase their productivity.

All they need to get started is a computer, an internet connection and an account on


The goal of TNS360 is to help many to learn and increase their computer skills. TNS360 is providing for interactive courses ranging from basic concepts (office, application software, etc.) to very advanced concepts to create engineers in computer network, security and web design. The content will help learners develop the skills needed to go from zero to engineer.
For those who are already in the industry, TNS360 will help them boost their careers by getting certified. For your information, IT certificates are even much more important in the industry than university degrees.

My journey in the process of becoming an engineer has not been extraordinary and I think that giving everyone the motivation and the means to do the same is the least I can do. This school is the way for me to give back to the community everything I have received. My ascent to the creation of this career and this new self happened in front of my computer. By learning from other engineers online and working for my certificates, I was able to develop a very useful set of skills that allows me today, in addition to working for myself, to work also for large network and telecommunication companies here in the United States. And these skills are so universal that theoretically, I can find a job anywhere in the world, if I ever have the taste.

The courses will range from basic slots and different tricks and techniques to being a good engineer to advanced ones. The main course is preparation for the CCENT/CCNA, which is the first certificate in the process towards a great career.

This certificate is highly respected in the industry as the concepts taught cover all the essentials to make a good engineer.

Myths and Realities

In this industry, it is not uncommon to meet actors who will make you believe that what they have accomplished requires special abilities or even that the career they have been able to build has earned them the eyes of the head. TNS360 is here to tell you that all you need is to have the will to do it, to acquire the necessary motivation, which will then turn into a passion. You don’t have to be good at mathematics, which is almost non-existent, not on the scale you learn at university.

All those you need is a computer and an internet connection. Knowledge is available, it’s yours
I will make available all the necessary courses to achieve success.

I did it, and you can do it too!


TNS360 will be launched on December 19, 2018, barring unforeseen events.

Some courses will be available in their entirety at the time of launch, some others will be released as they go along at a specific frequency.

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